There are limitless opportunities across this land of endless horizons. Discover all Namibia, the land of the Brave, has in store.


Our participation at the Expo will showcase the best of Namibia and will focus on key areas such as:

  • Renewable Energy, particularly focusing on Green Hydrogen;
  • Tourism, with the focus on infrastructure and conservation;
  • Agriculture, looking at opportunities for FDI and exports;
  • Education, emphasising opportunities around e-learning, IT and innovation;
  • Health and Wellness, looking at the successful management of the Covid-19 pandemic and connecting our success to tourism revival; and
  • National Day where we will celebrate the best of Namibia with the entire Expo Village and the world.


Namibia has some of the world’s best renewable energy resources. With the fast expansion of its existing transmission and distribution infrastructure it has the potential to become a net exporter of electricity to neighbouring countries. The clear legal framework governing the renewable energy sector increases investors’ confidence in the renewable energy market.

Namibia is among the world’s top ten producers of gem quality diamonds. The entire coastline off the Orange River mouth is a treasure chest of diamonds – estimated at more than 80 million carats. Only the strongest gems survived the journey from the interior of South Africa via ancient river courses into the Atlantic Ocean, and the currents and surf polished them further until they became top quality gems.

The country’s unique natural attractions make it a global destination of choice amongst safari, luxury, adventure and photographic travellers. The variety of landscapes and scenery, healthy and ever-growing wildlife populations, enigmatic and friendly people and general safety and ease of travel have made Namibia one of the top destinations on the African continent. 

Namibia is a multicultural country with an eclectic mix of people ranging from the earliest inhabitants, the San, various groups of people who migrated from the Great Lakes of East Africa to the southwestern corner of the continent centuries ago to the descendants of immigrants from Europe. Each of Namibia’s major population groups has its own language and cultural identity. 

Our Story

The Future favours the Brave

Namibia, the land of the brave, is home to limitless opportunities across its endless horizons. We are excited to a be a part of this new future being created amongst more than 190 countries at Expo 2020 Dubai.