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Despite its small population, Namibia is home to many exceptional people. Some choose to use their talents to enrich the country, others choose to share their skills on a global platform, but all of them make Namibia proud. From sports stars to space scientists, Namibia has produced its fair share of remarkable citizens. Whether working at home or abroad, what unites Namibians is their love for their country.

“If I have ever seen magic it’s in Namibia. In Namibia you find the best of Africa and the best of the west. In Namibia you find that God lives in the Namib Desert. In Namibia there are infinite possibilities to demonstrate how an ideal world could be, because we have all the ingredients and all the magic!” This is what Marie Jeanne Ndimbira says about her country. Marie-Jeanne co-founded the Physically Active Youth Program, a holistic after-school program in a low-income community in Namibia.

One thing that constantly comes up when asking about Namibia, are the welcoming people you find in this country. Namibians are known for their friendliness, hospitality and cheer. As Ciske Howard, the Swakopmund Regional Councillor, puts it:


“Namibia has the best people in the world.”

Karel Prinsloo


Karel Prinsloo is an award-winning photographer with the prestigious World Press Photo award on his list of accolades. His work has been published in major international publications. Karel has documented war zones and crisis situations all over the globe, yet his heart is firmly rooted in Namibia. When asked what he loves about being a Namibian, he says “There is something about this open space – it grabs you and never lets you go. I love us as a nation – we are so diverse, yet so similar.”

Joel Haikali is a film director, producer and writer.

What makes Namibia special, according to Joel, is “the composition of diverse smiles and our resilient nature. This is what defines our unique beauty as a country.”

Dr Helena Ndume, known as the miracle doctor, has treated some 300 000 blind Namibians since 1997. She was the first Namibian recipient of the United Nations Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela Prize in 2015 for restoring sight to those blinded by cataracts. Today she is the head of the Ophthalmology Department at the Windhoek Central Hospital.


“My heroes are those who do good for the underprivileged, for another human being.”

Musician EES says, “we are a very diverse country with many different cultures and languages.

But Namibia is proof that when you stick together and show respect to one another we can make

 it a paradise for us all. If you haven’t been to Namibia yet – you have missed out BIG TIME! I feel

very honoured to be born and raised in this beautiful country.”


Despite being home to only 2.5 million inhabitants, Namibia is characterised by many dynamic people who are always standing by to tell you about how wonderful this country is.

Celebrate Namibia

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